How Can I Be Down is

curated with creatives in mind.

listen + learn + discover

THE HCIBD ENTERTAINMENT CONFERENCE is the place for creatives to showcase their talent, participate in skill and knowledge building workshops all while networking with decision makers and industry leaders eager to meet and discover innovative talent.

millennial ingenuity + gen x innovation 

The intimate environment at HCIBD will set the stage for the inventiveness of Millennials and the revolutionary ideas of Generation X to combine and create new visions for how the entertainment industry sustains and supports itself in the face of rapid technological advancement.  

The uniqueness of these generations also provides the opportunity to explore how branding has evolved to include a digital footprint and the steps that one must take to protect their brand in the digital age. #HCIBD

social media +

social capital

Social media presents creatives with unique opportunities to build connections and beneficial relationships. Valuable social capital comes from digital networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. These connections provide creatives access to build a vast network of friends and followers.

Like it or love it, social media has expanded the bounds of social capital and with the right digital networking skills, creatives can use these communities to barter services, share resources and knowledge, and build stronger ties with like-minded individuals. 

power players +

charlotte, nc 

The Southeast region contains great talent and has the potential to flourish as an entertainment hub. HCIBD will provide creatives with the opportunity to showcase their talent and network with local, regional and national power players who seek to share valuable knowledge and provide access to resources beneficial to creatives.