HCIBD: the legacy

founder, Peter Thomas

"I’m passionate about evolving the music, the culture 

and building a new generation of artists and executives 

to continue what our generation started."




HCIBD attendees will have the opportunity to meet and network with industry veterans that can advise them on best practices, ethics, and legal matters. It is designed for creatives that may not have a defined direction or access, but are passionate about a career in entertainment and seek to gain knowledge.

HCIBD will provide that opportunity by connecting creatives to seasoned industry powerhouses that can have real conversations about what tools are needed to take the next step in building a career in entertainment while establishing a legacy they can be proud of.



Peter Thomas initially created HCIBD while an Exec. at Def Jam Records. While on the road he noticed two things; talented Hip Hop artists that did not have the opportunity to meet decision makers who could launch their careers, or mentors who could advise them in business decisions.

In 1993 Thomas began immediately building HCIBD from the ground up. It evolved into the most successful premier urban music conference to date and is responsible for the careers of several music executives and countless artists. The Southeast will see the revival of HCIBD as we vision to reach heights unknown. 


Thomas is passionate about changing the outcomes of  HCIBD attendees by providing an opportunity where gen x and millennials are not just being talked to but they have the opportunity to build with one another and create viable and beneficial relationships. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to network with industry professionals and participate in workshops that are relevant to building and branding

Through HCIBD, creatives can produce real results that can last a lifetime and contribute to building a fruitful legacy.