Albert Sye

Hired personally by entertainer Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges to help manage the launch and execution of his Conjure Cognac brand, Albert Sye can be partially credited for maintaining the longevity and success of the brand. Albert served as the North America Brand Director, and was charged with the execution of day-to-day sales, importation and distribution, as well as general brand marketing and management for North America until August 2016 when the brand was sold to Camus Cognac.

Albert’s tenure at Conjure Cognac came at the heels of several years in the beverage industry. In 2005, Albert began working in sales, marketing, and promotions for CRUNK!!! Energy Drink. Albert has always taken pride in making sure the job is done, regardless of the work that it entails. Because of this mindset, his role at CRUNK!!! forced him to wear several hats—he attended executive meetings with investors and distributors, while at times working in the field placing price tags and labels on convenience store displays. Albert has always felt that there is no role too big or too small for him, and will participate in any capacity to ensure the success of his brands.

In 2008, following his work with CRUNK!!! Energy Drink, his beverage mentor & former Vice President at CRUNK!!! hired him to help roll out the DSD (direct store delivery) market for Muscle Milk in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest regions. Albert was instrumental in the rollout of their Ready to Drink (RTD) formulation, which drastically changed the market for Muscle Milk by CytoSport. 

On the tail end of his assignment with Muscle Milk, Albert also took on the role as Managing Partner of LudaJuice XanGo, a functional beverage and wellness drink.  Similarly to his invitation to work with Conjure Cognac, Albert was requested personally by Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges to execute the vision of the brand. In 2009, Albert ended his tenure with LudaJuice XanGo to assume a permanent role at Conjure Cognac. A true example of Albert’s pride in his work, he was honored to be asked personally to take on a new project and bring his talents and expertise to a new beverage venture based on his credible work with past companies.

Albert’s experience in the beverage industry is not limited to the aforementioned companies. In 2011, Albert took a role as the Brand Manager for the state of Georgia for Atlantico Rum—owned by pop sensation Enrique Iglesias.  Albert also accepted an invitation to be the Executive Director of Urban Business Development for Zing Vodka in 2013. Through this venture with the well-known Maloof family as owners of the brand, he was able to continue his experience in working with celebrity owned brands.  In February 2015, Albert became a brand consultant for the fastest growing water brand in the US: Core Nutrition.  Albert has helped the brand open up the following key markets: New York City, Las Vegas and the Southeast Region with distributing partner the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. In September 2016, Albert assumed a full time role with Core Nutrition as a District Manager in charge of North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Missouri.  Core Nutrition is currently the #4 Premium Bottled water in the US in all channels distribution in less than two full years in the market.

His talent and ability to leverage celebrity followings and existing and growing fan bases has allowed Albert to become one of the most respected names in the beverage industry.